NANO KOREA 2022 Symposium

Nanofabrication: Connecting Science and Technology For Better Life

July 6(Wed) ~ 8(Fri), 2022 , Korea
Online & Offline Hybrid Symposium

General Information

The Republic of Korea is surrounded by seas on three sides, and Seoul is in the west of the country, with Hangang River Stretching across it.

A number of bridges are connecting the southern and northern part of the city, boasting beautiful sceneries of their own.

Also, Seoul, the heart of the nation and home to 10 million national and foreign residents, is a world-class city where contemporary lifestyle meets long-standing history.

Seoul houses 266 cultural properties including five grand royal palaces, and is also a proud epicenter of the “Korean Wave” pop culture that is adored by many.

Every corner of the city is packed with friendly residents and extraordinary restaurants, teeming with modern streetscapes and dashing natural landscapes.

Seoul indeed is a place of boundless discoveries, where no two visits are alike.

Geographically, Gyeonggi-do surrounds Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea and is the center and the economic hub of the country.

With two airports and two ports, it allows easy access to any city in Northeast Asia within two hours.

Gyeonggi-do is where the tour in Korea begins.

From prehistoric times through Baekje, Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties, which had maintained the royal road through the region, Korea’s leading industries like IT, auto industry and tourism have flourished here.